Find an expert: net zero, climate change and environmental sustainability

This week sees the launch of a new online tool to help businesses, schools and policymakers find the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle climate change and promote environmental sustainability. 

As the need to reach net-zero becomes ever more pressing, it is important that we all take steps to reduce our carbon footprint by embracing innovative technologies and adapting our behaviour. However, it can be difficult to make sense of the issues and understand the best ways to make a difference. To help address this, we have created an online tool that will help you to find researchers with the answers to your climate questions. 

With funding from the Straits Committee and in collaboration with the University of Lille, Ghent University and KU Leuven, we have created an online database of more than 150 international researchers working across a wide range of environmental specialisms. From energy, agriculture and finance to ecology, architecture and transport, the database will help you to find the expertise needed to achieve your climate ambitions, find research collaborators and collectively reduce our climate impact.  

Rob Barker, from Kent’s Positive Environmental Futures research theme, said ‘the innovative research and environmental specialists found in our region’s universities can play a major part in the transition to net-zero. This new tool will help to connect this expertise with teachers, businesses and policymakers across Kent. From engagement activities with schools to technology transfer with businesses, this is a crucial step in the transition to net-zero.’ 

To find out more, visit the project website and search the database here: