Kent alumnus supports Sarah Frow’s Pilgrim’s Way Challenge to raise funds for PCIT 

The Parkinson Centre for Integrated Therapy’s (PCIT) Fitness Trainer, Sarah Frow, was joined by Kent alumni on several legs of her incredible Pilgrim’s Way challenge to raise funds for PCIT. 

Matthew Bailey (Communications Engineering, 1995) was accompanied by his wife Claire to run alongside Sarah on Day One of the challenge from Winchester Cathedral through beautiful English countryside to Upper Froyle, covering a demanding 40.3 kilometers (25 miles). Matthew was so inspired by Sarah’s unstoppable attitude that he came back to run another two legs of the route and was there to support Sarah as she crossed the finish line in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral.  

After his first run Matthew said ‘We had the most awesome day together. It was a mixture of running, walking, wading through water, sliding through mud, closed footpaths, lots of stinging nettles, and yet we were somehow able to miss the rain all day. [This was] probably my favourite marathon to date!’ 

Sarah’s ambitious challenge was born from her first-hand experience of PCIT, both as it’s Fitness Trainer and as someone with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, which has given her a unique understanding of the value of the treatments, research, and sense of community the centre offers. She was also joined for the full distance by her running partner and friend Steve Howard, with her husband and two sons following in a support car. 

She has already raised over £27,000 – a fantastic achievement – and her total is still increasing! Every donation makes a difference in supporting vital exercise programmes at PCIT. 

Inspired by Sarah’s story? Here’s how you can help: 

  • Donate: Visit Sarah’s fundraising page and contribute any amount you can. 
  • Spread the word: Share this post and Sarah’s story with your network to raise awareness.


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