Scholar Spotlight: Asael Rodriguez, recipient of the UKA Fulbright Scholarship

Asael Rodriguez is a Fulbright Scholar at Kent and is studying Conservation and International Wildlife Trade with the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) in the School of Anthropology and Conservation. Below he discusses his studies at Kent and his appreciation for the city of Canterbury.

My masters research is focusing on the relationship between conservation, animal welfare, and the rehabilitation of pangolins – one of the most trafficked species in the world. None of this would have been possible without the support of the University of Kent in America (UKA) and of course the Fulbright Commission.  

The city of Canterbury is beautiful, peaceful, and rich in culture. The University of Kent campus is equally beautiful, but most importantly, it is home. The faculty and staff of this university are passionate, inspirational, and kind people. However, the best part about being a Fulbright Scholar has been the opportunity it has given me to meet some of the most amazing people – who have become my family.

As I have learned more about conservation and international wildlife trade, through the lectures and guidance of academic staff, I realise I can make a valuable contribution to the field of science. Currently, I hold a PhD offer from the University of Kent to advance the field of animal welfare within wildlife trade by focusing on seized species. And I know this project could have a tremendous impact on conservation, policy, animal welfare, and rehabilitation. I hope I can continue my education and keep growing with the University of Kent.

I have embraced the city of Canterbury, immersed myself in British culture, and engaged with the community at the University of Kent to the best of my abilities. It has been an honor to represent the university as their Fulbright Scholar. I am grateful for everyone I have crossed paths with and look forward to the journey ahead.

Asael Rodriguez

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