Save the Date: Alumni BBQ 2024

You are invited to join us for our annual FREE Alumni BBQ on Friday 6 September, which will be held (as usual) in the garden of Keynes Bar.

The event will offer a chance for you to come back to campus and reminisce with your uni friends over some delicious food. There will be games, quizzes, and the opportunity to explore the campus.

A link to book your place at the BBQ, along with a discount code for accommodation, will be provided in the June Alumni eNewsletter. Make sure you are signed up now.

Do you want to organise your own reunion for the same weekend?

Every year lots of our alumni use the BBQ as a stating point to organise a wider reunion with university friends and there are always lots of different groups enjoying the campus over the weekend. As well as the BBQ on Friday evening, we can provide:

  • Guided tours of the campus on Saturday morning
  • Discounted accommodation rates on campus
  • A dinner for your group at Dolce Vita on Saturday evening (this is usually about £12-14 per person and must be booked in advanced)

What else can you do?

The campus will be open for you and your group to enjoy and Keynes Bar will be open on Friday night and from lunchtime on Saturday.

Some groups (like the footballers) have a schedule of events including matches and talks followed by dinner. Other smaller groups of friends just like to meet up and enjoy each others company over the weekend. Your weekend can be as organised or relaxed as you would like – it’s completely up to you!

Let us know your reunion plans by emailing





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