Facilitating Tax-Efficient Cross-Border Donations for European Residents

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We are thrilled to share a significant development that enhances the impact of your generosity. The University of Kent has proudly partnered with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE), a network of charitable foundations across Europe dedicated to simplifying cross-border donations and optimising their tax efficiency.

Empowering Giving Across Borders

For residents of France, Germany, Greece, and Spain, this partnership opens up a remarkable opportunity. By contributing to our initiatives—such as empowering refugee and asylum-seeking students or contributing to our fight against Parkinson’s disease—through one of our TGE partner organisations, you not only support meaningful causes but also unlock the tax advantages provided by your country of residence’s legislation.

Seamless Donation Process

Making your tax-effective contribution is straightforward. Visit our user-friendly online giving platform, where you can explore projects that resonate with you. When you’re ready to contribute, simply select ‘Donate from Europe.’ This option enables you to channel your support to the University of Kent while harnessing the benefits of tax-efficient giving through our esteemed TGE partners. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can reach out to our TGE partner organizations directly via email or telephone.

Your Contribution in Action

Donating from France

TGE Partner: Fondation De France, 40 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris

Contact: Ms Noura Kihel, Noura.kihel@fdf.org (+ 3314 421 87 60)

Website: www.transnationalgiving.eu/from-france


Donating from Germany

TGE Partner: Maecenata Foundation

Contact: Ms Marie-Christine Schwager, mailto:mcs@maecenata.eu (+ 4930 283 87 909)

Website: www.transnationalgiving.eu/from-germany


Donating from Greece

TGE Partner: HIGGS, Viktoros Ougko 15, 10437 Athens

Contact: Mr Sotiris Petropoulos, mailto:tge@higgs3.org (+30 211 41 16 300)

Website: www.transnationalgiving.eu/donate/from-greece


Donating from Spain

TGE Partner: Fundación Empresa Y Sociedad, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1 (Impact Hub), 28020 Madrid

Contact: Mr Francisco Abad fabad@empresaysociedad.org (+34 676 270 816)

Website: www.transnationalgiving.eu/from-spain

Expanding Possibilities

Our collaboration with TGE is just the beginning. We’re actively working to extend tax-effective giving to even more European countries. Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to broaden our reach and amplify the impact of your support.

At the University of Kent, we believe that giving knows no boundaries. With TGE, your generosity not only transcends borders but also maximises its positive influence. Join us in creating a brighter future through meaningful contributions that resonate across Europe and beyond.