Matthew Woodget – Storytelling for Action Playbook

Storytelling - Matthew Woodget

Kent alumnus and University of Kent in America Board member, Matthew Woodget, has recently released his book entitled ‘Storytelling for Action Playbook: NO MORE Hollywood knock-offs, it’s time for business storytelling that WINS’. Matthew studied Computer Science and Business Administration and came to Kent in 1996.

Delve into the realm of business storytelling that resonates with your audience and achieves goals. The Storytelling For Action™ Playbook serves as your key to unlocking the magic of business storytelling. Crafted specifically for professionals, this practical guide doesn’t require you to master conventional storytelling methods like the hero’s journey. Instead, it presents a simplified, business-centric approach, empowering you with tools and techniques to create engaging and impactful narratives that drive results.

It offers a step-by-step approach to creating stories that not only have a real impact but also are consistent, repeatable, and scalable, perfectly complementing your organization’s growth.

For more information and to purchase Matthew’s book, please click here.