Alumni Profile – Vanessa Okwuraiwe

Vanessa Okwuraiwe

Vanessa Okwuraiwe is a principal at the financial services company Edward Jones.

During her 21-year career with the firm, Okwuraiwe has led talent acquisition, training, development, and marketing functions. She serves on Edward Jones’s Investment Policy Advisory Committee and is a thought leader for the firm’s financial education program.

Vanessa’s passion and commitment for education and supporting young minds inspired her to serve on several boards including the St. Louis Community College Foundation, where she is past president elect. Additionally, she serves on the board of the St Louis Shakespeare Festival.

In 2000, Vanessa completed her Masters’ degree in Development Economics at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

She also has an MBA from Washington University St Louis, Missouri and a degree from Edo State University, Nigeria.

Born in London and growing up in Lagos, Vanessa has always been inspired by how food can be a bridge in learning about different people and their cultures. Vanessa is the author of ‘Jollof Rice with Grandma’  which tells the story of a dish she grew up with and is enjoyed my millions of people. It’s a story about how cooking brings a family together. Nothing in the book reflects the friendly Jollof Rice rivalry across many West African countries!

Vanessa lives in Missouri with her family.