Alumni Profile – Paul Meier

Alumnus, Paul Meier, graduated from Kent in 1970 and is a dialect and voice coach, theatre director, playwright, stage and screen actor, and voice-over artist best known for founding and managing Paul Meier Dialect Services and the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA).

Paul Meier

Paul had the following to say about his time at the University.

“I went to Kent on an arrangement with my drama school, the Rose Bruford College. I read my Part I there allowing me to complete my degree in English at Kent in two years, instead of three, graduating in 1970.

“I value most my exposure to critical thinking and literary analysis at Kent. My favourite memory of Kent is encountering Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself one summer’s day, lying out on the grass between Rutherford and Elliot. That defines for me what university promises and sometimes delivers. Happy days!”

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