Unveiled – MA Curating Exhibition

Unveiled Exhibition

In collaboration with the University of Kent for the first time, the Beaney presents a special exhibition curated by the students of the MA Curating programme. 

In the age of social media, we are constantly uploading pictures of ourselves for the world to see. We use filters that alter and allow us to control our image and its perception. Do these alterations create a mask concealing our true selves or do these changes allow us to more fully express our identities?

Unveiled explores the use of masks and facial distortion as a means of personal expression in identity, activism, and ceremonial tradition. The exhibition features historical and contemporary masks, paintings, film, and photographs, and exclusive downloadable Instagram filters.

Carl Beazley’s portraits of distorted faces reveal emotions expressed by the individual in the painting which are usually kept hidden beneath a friendly smile. Freyja Sewell’s tribute to Key Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic exemplifies how creativity can change a mask into a movement. There will also be a number of objects from the Beaney’s collection including statues, masks and photographs on display. 

Come investigate the ways changing our appearance can change how we interact with the world. 

A variety of events and activities will occur during the run of the show. There will be a workshop where children can create their own masks. 

‘Unveiled’ runs from Saturday 2nd July to Sunday 31st July 2022. Admission is free.

More information can be found here.