Author Profile – Yasukazu Fuse

Yasukazu Fuse

Alumnus Yasukazu Fuse has written for more than twenty years and has just written his 31st book, including 4 revised editions.

The book entitled ‘The Megalithic Civilizations’ is about megaliths in both Europe and Japan, most of which have existed for more than five thousand years.

Yasukazu said: “I’ve been researching those megaliths ever since I first saw the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, in September 1980, just before I studied and learned European Drama, at the University of Kent.

“In the book, with my co-author, Mr. Makoto Akiyama, I try to solve the mystery of ancient super-technology used for designing and constructing the megalithic monuments.

“For example, in Wiltshire, such ancient monuments as Avebury outer stone circle, Silbury Hill, Marlborough Mound and Robin Hood’s Ball were all arranged geometrically.”

Please find more information about Yasukazu’s book here. Please note there is no English edition available. If you would like to see the other books Yasukazu has written, please click here.