Author Profile – Robert Brent

Robert Brent

First 500 graduate Robert Brent will be releasing his book entitled ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis and Dementia’ in April 2022, so here is a sneak preview into what his book is all about!

Robert is Professor of Economics at Fordham University, New York, USA.

This ground-breaking book expertly brings together the many effective dementia interventions to reduce the symptoms of this debilitating condition and also, for the first time, a cost-benefit analysis of those interventions to establish whether the benefits outweigh the costs. Focusing on new interventions such as years of education, medicare eligibility, hearing aids and vision correction, Robert Brent also takes an innovative look at the need to reduce elder abuse and initiate an international convention for human rights.

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Dementia takes an insightful look at dementia by using a behavioural definition and explaining how the symptoms can affect daily life, rather than just using the medical definition. It examines the causality of dementia interventions to establish their effectiveness, dealing with the risk factors and expanding the current list of interventions. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth three step procedure for evaluating the monetary benefits of those interventions to establish whether these are socially worthwhile.

Written in a comprehensive, yet accessible style, this book will be an excellent resource for economists interested in the cost-benefit analysis of dementia care. Healthcare professionals and policymakers as well as non-professionals will find the different interventions discussed to reduce symptoms of dementia illuminating and informative.