Author Profile – Ralph Broad

Ralph Broad

Alumnus Ralph Broad (MA in Management of Community Care – 2006) has co-authored a book entitled ‘Power and Connection’ with Eddie Bartnik. This book, published by the Centre for Welfare Reform, is the first ever book on Local Area Coordination.

This book is the most significant publication on Local Area Coordination to date, outlining the details of its practical application and more than thirty years of experience and research on its positive impact across social care and health/mental health on the lives of citizens and communities.

Local Area Coordination transforms social services from a system that provides services to people to a system that connects people to community. It is a proven approach, which if developed with integrity, can help people create better lives and stronger relationships, all on their own terms.

First piloted in Western Australia, Local Area Coordination has become a key element of reforms in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales and Singapore.

This book combines the most up to date definition of Local Area Coordination with a synthesis of decades of research, experience and practical application. The authors have also harnessed the perspective of multiple researchers, managers, local area coordinators and the people who have directly benefited from this approach. It is a rich resource which can set services and policy makers on a firm path to sustainable innovation and improvement.

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