Author Profile – Dr. Gillian Lakareber (BSc Hons MSc DBA RICR)

Dr. Gillian Lakareber

About the Author

I graduated from University of Kent in 2008 with Honours Bachelors Degree in Forensic Science. I was a Forensic Science Student Representative for 2 years during my time at the University. I cherished my experience at Kent University because I was afforded many learning opportunities. The lecturers were supportive and took pride in their teaching. The University afforded me the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and I’m forever privileged to have attended the University of Kent. My 1st job after completing University was as a Research Scientist working in the early phases of drug development. During this time, I also undertook a part time Master’s Degree in Clinical Research, which enhanced my understanding of the process of conducting clinical research in humans. I extended my education by completing a Doctoral degree. Currently, I’m a Senior Project Manager for a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). My role entails full project management responsibility for all aspects of phase I-IV patient clinical studies from start-up to close-out.

I take pleasure in travelling, culinary activities, and experiencing new cultures. My favorite quote is by Elizabeth Kubler Ross You are not a powerless speck of dust drifting around in the wind…we are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes-unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose”. I encourage everyone to find their purpose and pursue it earnestly.

Book Summary

I have authored a book titled ‘A Guide to Patient Recruitment & Retention in Clinical Research:  The 6 Core Outcome Factors Which Affect Patient Recruitment’ 2021. The book was launched on 8 September 2021.

Patient recruitment is an important factor in the development of investigational products. Low accrual rates in clinical trials have cost implications and impact the time it takes to launch medical interventions into the market. To maximize the recruitment and retention of participants, we need to adopt effective strategies from the start to the end of the clinical trial. This can be achieved by implementing robust strategies in the trial e.g., providing flexible recruitment schedules, using interpreters for non-English speakers, using data mapping during feasibility analysis, increasing collaboration between study sites, using data science to guide feasibility assessments, educating the public on the importance of clinical trials, and reducing participant burden.

The objective of this book is to act as a guide, by introducing the reader to the Core Outcome Factors (COF) to consider when addressing patient recruitment and retention activities. This book also describes the technique of using Plan, Implement and Attain (PIA) to develop the Site Recruitment Proposal (SRP). Templates for Pre-Site Evaluation Assessment, Feasibility Questionnaire and the Site Recruitment Proposal are also provided as examples which can be adapted for specific studies based on the protocol requirements.

Target Audience

This book has been written for clinical research professionals involved in the conduct of clinical trials e.g., Sponsors of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies; Clinical Research Organisations (CROs); Research Nurses, Investigators, Clinical Trial Managers, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Project Managers, Patient Recruitment Specialists, Clinical Trial Assistants (CTA); In-House CRAs and the study team at large. It is particularly useful for those who are new to clinical research, and it offers great insight and guidance on crucial considerations within patient recruitment and retention.

The key benefits the book offers to its readers are:

  1. Provides researchers with strategies for successful patient recruitment by adopting the Plan, Implement & Attain philosophy
  2. Provides guidance on the six core outcome factors which affect patient recruitment.
  3. Provides templates that can be customised for any study.
  4. Provides general readers with an overview of clinical research processes

Purchasing the book:

The book is available in paperback and as an eBook for purchase on Amazon and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity for the education of children in rural areas across Africa

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