Kent students need your help: Covid-19 appeal

Professor Richard Reece

In March 2020, life got harder for everyone. For many of our students, their world came to a stop.

The Covid-19 pandemic interrupted their studies, and for lots of people the future was looking uncertain. Slowly but surely, thanks to a series of lockdowns (and of course our fabulous NHS) things are at last getting better. As we are heading out of lockdown things are looking brighter and clearer.

But we can’t underestimate the impact the pandemic has had on Kent students.

There’s been no part-time work, no income for many and, quite frankly, life’s been tough. Hardship caused by Covid-19 has also impacted on student mental health and wellbeing and will mean some students will end up dropping out. We’re determined not to let this happen – but the levels of financial hardship mean some will still be at risk.

That’s where you come in!

Can you give £5 a month to support Kent students struggling with financial hardship?

We’ve already raised thousands through the Kent Opportunity Fund. And that has been divided between much needed hardship bursaries and a scheme to provide laptops and other IT equipment so students can study remotely.

This year has seen four times the usual number of student requests for emergency financial support. We’ve awarded bursaries to those most in need. Laptops are being awarded to students who are impacted by the ‘digital divide’ due to personal circumstances, for example low-income households, care leavers, students who are estranged from family support etc.

So far you have bought over 450 laptops for students – and the students who received them have told us that the laptop was essential for them continuing with their studies.

Here are just a few of their messages of thanks:

  • “As a single mum who is studying full time and therefore unable to work, I would never have been able to afford a laptop or PC, so this scheme was a godsend for me. Thank you so much.”
  • “Without the scheme it would have been extremely difficult to continue my course, working remotely and being on placement I needed a laptop as my laptop broke. Thank you so much for the laptop, I would not have been able to complete my exams without it!”
  • “The laptop clearly increased my ability to work in good conditions, to focus and be able to focus on my classes. I will forever be thankful for this gift.”

If you would like to support our student Covid-19 hardship campaign by giving £5 a month please click here.

Or you can give a one off single gift to support students through Covid-19 hardship here.

Professor Richard Reece
Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Education and Student Experience