Alumni Wanted!

50th Celebration

Master’s student, Monica Yianni, is looking for alumni to take part in her research project.

My name is Monica and I am currently carrying out a research project for my masters in sociology. This project is titled ‘Gauging Student Experience over Five Decades: An investigation into the aims, purposes, and effectiveness of higher education’.

I am looking for Kent alumni who would be willing to be interviewed regarding their student experience and about their time at university. I would love to interview people who graduated all the way back to the First 500!

I am also inviting participants to bring along a couple of photos to the interview which they feel represents their student experience which they would be willing to have a chat about! I hope to include these photos in my final project.

The aim of this project is the find out how the student experience has changed over the past five decades, as well as how people feel about it today. I will be holding these interviews via teams/zoom where possible. If you feel like you have great stories to tell and could give an insight into what it meant to be a student at Kent please get in touch! Please drop me an email: