AWA (Asian Working As) – Alumni Podcast

AWA Podcast

AWA – Asian Working As, is a podcast hosted by Richa Rai where she interviews Asians from different professions; from the STEM field, the media and creative industry, the third sector organisation and many more.

Richa studied Biomedical Science for her undergraduate degree and graduated in 2014. After working for a few years, she came back to University of Kent to pursue an MSc in Marketing and graduated in 2018.

The podcast covers conversations with guests about the course they studied in university, an insight into their specific career, advice for people wanting to pursue a similar path and their other interests and hobbies that have helped them grow personally and professionally.

AWA is currently on its first season and has already released episodes covering professions such as Structural Engineer, Android Developer, Grants Adviser and TV Presenter. There are more exciting and informative episodes in the pipeline that will be released soon from a variety of career fields such as Music, Marketing and Fashion.

Richa said; “I believe that representation matters and being able to see someone who looks like you doing the job you want to pursue can make a big difference. Representation allows connections to form and it also brings a sense of belonging, which is why I decided to start this podcast. In summary, it’s a hub bringing a collection of connections concerning Asians in different careers.”

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