Alumni Profile – Justin Fox

Justin Fox

When were you at the University and what degree did you study?

I studied History at Kent from 2012-15, specialising in the Wars of the Roses in my final year.

How did your degree/experience at university help lead you into your current career?

For a long time I admittedly didn’t really believe that my time spent studying was of much use once I started working. However I eventually came to realise that whilst my knowledge of historical dates and places might not be of paramount importance day to day, the skills I developed in regards to analysis, written communication, and the ability to think logically have been vital both in and out of work.

What drew you to Kent?

Kent was on my radar for a while before I attended, not only because it offered a good range of historical topics to study but because of its location. Living in London, I wanted to attend somewhere far enough away from home to feel independent whilst near enough to home for easy trips back as needed.

Can you tell us about your life after Kent?

Immediately after I graduated and for about a year afterwards, I wasn’t as motivated as I could have been and drifted for a while. A few internships with a heavy focus on copywriting were undertaken but they were far from fulfilling. I was fortunate enough though to get my big break so to speak when I came across a job posting from the digital marketing agency Distinctly. They took a chance on me despite my lack of experience and I enjoyed a great 4 years as part of their search engine optimisation team.

Tell us a bit about what you do now?

Since late last year I’ve been the PR and Outreach Manager for the course comparison website CoursesOnline. We help both individuals and organisations seek out the training courses most suitable to their unique needs and despite not even having actually met my colleagues in person yet due to Covid, it’s been a great first few months. The role offers a great degree of creative freedom so there’s plenty of variation to keep things fresh.

What is your favourite memory from the University?

Aside from some nights at Massive Mungos, a particular highlight for me was volunteering with the Kent Marrow group who look to recruit potential bone marrow donors for the charity Anthony Nolan. Receiving the message that someone we had registered had gone on to donate and save someone’s life was an incredible feeling – and made the long hours standing in the cold feel worthwhile!