The Career Interview – Alumni Podcast

The Career Interview

Alumna, Rachael Turner, is proud to share her podcast ‘The Career Interview’, where each week she interviews an expert working in a particular career path to find out what it’s really like and how they got there.

Rachael studied Business Administration with Marketing and graduated from the University of Kent in 2014.

The Career Interview covers a wide range of roles from all different types of industries; from the ones you know about, the ones you think you know about and the ones you don’t. So if you’re not sure what the right career path is for you, you’re considering a career change or you’re just a little bit nosey, then this is the podcast for you.

The podcast covers things such as what the role involves, key skills that are important, what a typical week looks like, what that person loves and doesn’t like about their role as well as their tips and advice if someone wants to find out more or to get a role in that particular career. So far, the podcast has delved into careers such as supply chain, animation and teaching. But there are many more episodes upcoming, such as creative advertising, product management, business development and architecture.

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