Alumni Profile – Gloria Mancuso

Gloria Mancuso

Why did you decide to study International Business Management at Kent?

I was looking for an institution based in the UK, not far from London, with good rankings and on campus living opportunities. I was also very much interested in being a part of an institution that embraces different nationalities and cultures and grow through that exposure. Kent met all these criteria and exceeded my expectations!

What did you enjoy about the course?

My full-time 1 year-MSc in International Business Management provided me with strong foundations to embark on a career in the private sector in the UK. I enjoyed being assessed through various methods (essays, seminars, group projects and presentations), which I felt have prepared me well for what came next in my professional career. 

What skills did the course help you to develop that you have found useful?

During my time at Kent I have developed skills in time management and working on tight deadlines to start. As part of some assignments, I had to work in groups for various projects which has taught me a lot about team dynamics and teamwork. Last but not least, as an international student at Kent wanting to embark my career in the UK – Kent has helped me understand the importance of mastering your writing & public speaking skills when presenting my point of view to an audience of any size.  

Where do you work now and what does your role involve?

I now work as a Customer Success Manager at PitchBook Data, a financial software company with headquarters in Seattle and offices globally, one of them in London. My day-to-day involves the relationship management of existing clients, onboard through product trainings new clients and partner with them to develop a deep understanding of their business goals to ensure a match with our service and execute on the agreed plan. To do so, most of my day is spent on virtual meetings. I used to travel for work a lot, but the Pandemic has unfortunately put a pause to that. I hope I will be able to meet clients soon again, as it was one of my favourite aspects of this role.

How did the University and your course help you find employment?

I have attended all the Career fairs that the University has arranged which were helpful in getting a sense of the options that were available out there for me.  I have also leveraged the Career and Employment Centre to seek one-on-one advice and feedback on my CV, which has also helped me a lot in my applications and interviews while I was looking to move from Canterbury to London.

What advice would you give to current students doing your course?

My advice would be to always make time for events (virtual and on campus) organised by the University, especially workshops on employability and careers. I remember attending those and meeting with other people from different courses as well. That experience gave me exposure to other disciplines and career goals that were different than mine. It helped me keep an open mind and keep my options open to career pathways I did not consider before.

Tell us the best thing about studying at the University of Kent?

The best thing for me about studying at Kent has been the opportunity to meet and work in groups with different international classmates, which ended up very much a reflection of my day-to-day professional life today.