Alumni Publication – Declan Henry

Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers Book Cover

University of Kent alum, Declan Henry, who studied a short one-year course in Creative Writing in Canterbury in 2009/10 has announced his latest work, entitled; Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The Truth about Britain.

In this carefully researched book Declan explores the reasons for coming to the UK, the services such young people receive and the gaps and inequalities in the immigration system. He covers the injustice of long Home Office delays and, as it is becoming more difficult for many to get Leave to Remain, the impact on their lives in terms of accommodation, education and planning for the future. Declan also explores the emotional and mental health needs of the young people.

The book paints a graphic picture of what life is like in Britain for young people – cut off from their country of their origin and families – and how they are expected to make a new life in Britain with limited resources.

Declan said: “I wrote the book to highlight the unfair treatment and sometimes lack of resources and services available to this group of young people. I also wanted to dispel the misconceptions that mainstream society often holds about them. I interviewed a wide range of young refugees and asylum seekers in the South East of England over a two-year period including teaching creative writing to a class of young asylum seekers at a London college.”

Declan Henry also holds a BA (Hons) in Education and Community Studies and a MSc in Mental Health Social Work. Declan has worked extensively with young asylum seekers and refugees and has a wealth of experience in social work. He is the author of seven books and numerous published articles.

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