Kent Alumni Launch Podcast

House of Wisdom
  "House of Wisdom" by House of Wisdom.
Name: Aniq Ahmed

Studied: BSc Financial Economics with Econometrics (University of Kent 2008-2011); MSc Economic History (London School of Economics 2012)

Name: Deepak Mawar
Studied: LLB in European Legal Studies (University of Kent 2008-2012); LLM in Public International Law (Leiden University, 2012); PhD in International Law (Kings College London 2020)

Deepak has also recently taken up a lecturer post at the Kent Law School!

About the podcast: “An idea is a powerful thing. It can make us look at the world around us and realise the need for change, even giving us the impetus to do so. We believe that such ideas should be championed and discussed. Every month we invite experts from the fields of Politics, Economics, Law and beyond to delve into their work and highlight the important impact it can have on the world, be it small or large. Here at the House of Wisdom we explore the ideas that can shape the world. Episodes are released monthly!”

Twitter handle: @Howwpodcast
Channels: Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts