Opening Shot -Film and TV podcast

Opening Shot

Would you like to know how to make your first feature film? So would Tom and Fraser.

They’re a Writer/Director and 1st Assistant Director duo on a quest to make their first movie, and they’re going to record their process every step of the way.

From developing the concept right through to the release (or not), the boys are going to share stories, experiences and advice that will help and console fellow filmmakers in real time.

Tom Gentle is an alumnus of the University of Kent, having graduated with a degree in Film Studies in 2012. Since then he has been working in the industry.

The podcast is a weekly informal chat between Tom and his housemate, who is a 1st AD in the industry. In it, they discuss the long and winding road to getting their first feature film made.

It’s less a how-to guide, more something up and coming filmmakers can listen to for support, solace, and to know they aren’t alone! Thus far they have discussed the importance of juggling multiple ideas, the pros and cons of going to film and art school, collaboration, making a micro-budget
short, and looking enviously at other filmmakers of your age, amongst others!

Please take a listen to the podcast using the links below.