Jenya Selivanova – International Arts Education Project

Jenya Selivanova

“My name is Jenya Selivanova, I’m a theatre director and a drama teacher in Moscow and I don’t believe in ‘rules of effective people’.

“I believe in one law – discover what you love most and excel in it. Banal? Maybe. But really how easy is it to follow banal rules – eat well, drop bad habits, exercise daily….?

“This law was taught to me at the University of Kent, where I was taking my MA degree in Theatre Directing in 2014/2015.

“I discovered something that helped me get a profound education, equipped me for future successes in my profession and motivated me greatly to share what I know with others.

“That something was a nourishing intellectual environment and tools for learning myself better (what I am best at, what inspires me, what direction I would like to take, etc…). Then I spent several years volunteering at various arts festivals (Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Time-Based Art Festival (Portland, USA), Prelude NYC), growing more certain in my belief.

“Following my discovery, I have started an online practice-based education project ‘E-Drama Club’ while developing my directing and teaching careers (Electrotheatre Stanislavsky, London Gates Education Group, Moscow).

“In this project I help people explore their strong personal qualities and get motivated to develop the not so strong ones in order to boost their communication skills and emotional intelligence, as well as enrich their cultural context and learn from their peers.

“As a base for this I have chosen the works of William Shakespeare and contemporary TV series. The former – as a base for establishing connection with the universal and current human themes and rich cultural background, the latter – as a way to connect to the modern reality and exchange personal experiences.

“We have already successfully completed 3 modules of ‘E-Drama Club’, and now we are moving forward, renewed and highly inspired by the progress of our students!

“Our programmes are journeys across various forms of art, literature, mythology and symbols, where every person is equal and able to discover something about and in themselves.

“You can find more information on our Facebook page and Instagram account, including previous digests and current activities:



“Every person is a unique story, and I am an absolute story junkie. I would like to warmly invite you into our community!”