An update from The Wingate School, Mexico City

School buildings, The Wingate School

By Tom Wingate (Rutherford, 1978: English and History & Theory of Art)

Here, on the western edge of Mexico City, we have founded a British-international school in 2016 – The Wingate School. Happily, the school now has 350 pupils on its rolls, from K1 to Form 2, the whole community representing some 40 nationalities. Being new, the school continues to be founded on a site measuring just over 11,000 sq. ms.  Our large – and gleaming – high school has just been completed.  A new football pitch, within a remarkably green ranch that flanks the school site, will be added to our facilities in 2020-21.

Site of the future football pitch

Just like the rest of world, we have had to adapt, and quickly, to this coronavirus plague, in our case now doing all our teaching online. The adjustment for both teachers and children has been massive, but they all have stepped up magnificently. Some of our students currently tune in from South Korea and Denmark for their daily classes!

To us, maintaining a sense of normality and continuity in our young pupils’ lives is every bit as important as the ‘normal’ transfer of knowledge and skills.  Based on the official data we receive, the new academic year may well see a combination of live and online teaching and learning. Naturally, we all are very keen to return to the campus, but, sadly, the virus remains widespread in this country.  When back, though, our children will pick up the reins, and, also as members of our School of Character, return to their social responsibility projects, including helping at the local old folks centre.

(Ed: You can also read the previous updates on the school from March 2019 and January 2016!)