Alumni Profile – Thom Whyte

Thom WhyteHaving graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in English literature and creative writing in 2015, Thom has spent the years since honing his writing skills, eventually leading to him becoming a content and digital PR marketer for award-winning Manchester SEO and digital marketing agency Embryo Digital. Thom credits the course at Kent for giving him confidence in his writing and creative thinking. Being able to approach different writing tasks with a different style and tone allowed him to experiment and broaden his writing skills.

Spending time studying at the University of Kent was also a fantastic opportunity to gain the important life skills that accompany having to live independently, manage time and take responsibility. Thom’s time at Kent was the perfect stepping stone towards becoming a young professional in Manchester.

After graduating from Kent, Thom spent some time freelancing while working part-time in order to better improve his writing and gain experience working to a deadline and under pressure.

In 2019, Thom took up a position with Manchester SEO specialists Embryo Digital as a content executive, helping to write impactful and high-performing content for clients. Recently, he moved on to a new position as a digital PR executive, in which he uses both the skills gained from Kent and the workplace.

How did your degree/experience at uni help lead you into your current career?

Studying literature and creative writing at Kent helped me to gain confidence in my own writing ability. I’ve wanted to write ever since I was a child, but earning full-time employment as a writer isn’t always easy. Without the experience and reaffirmation I received at Kent, I would have struggled to make my way onto the employment ladder as a professional content writer.

I had some really fantastic tutors who fully encouraged thinking outside the box and embracing whatever weird things came up through your imagination and creativity. Creative writing can be daunting, especially in a seminar with 20 other people – it means putting yourself out there and exposing something that’s usually kept internal. Fortunately, throughout my degree at Kent, I was met with nothing but encouragement.

What drew you to Kent?

Kent has a reputation for having a fantastic creative writing department, and I can absolutely attest to this. It’s also known as the UK’s ‘European University’, thanks not only to its close proximity to the channel tunnel and mainland Europe itself, but also for its fantastic Erasmus links. I knew that I wanted to experience a year abroad, and this was a huge draw to me choosing Kent uni.

I also wanted to experience the tight-knit campus lifestyle – something that Kent is brilliant for. Everything you could need can be found on campus, and a straightforward bus journey can take you right into the middle of beautiful Canterbury with cobbled streets and old brick buildings. It’s a historic city with plenty of culture, lots of great places to go out at night, amazing transport links, and a beautiful green campus. At Kent, you really get the best of both worlds and is an amazing choice for those wanting a proper campus experience at uni.

What is your favourite thing about the work you do for Embryo Digital?

At Embryo Digital, I get to work at an award-winning, fast-growing, and incredibly exciting digital marketing agency in the centre of Manchester. I’m allowed to think creatively and use that part of my personality to help produce content that my clients love. I get to work as part of a team, taking on responsibility for my clients’ work and helping to complete big projects.

It’s also a very tight-knit team at Embryo, which is really important to me. Everyone helps each other out and is on hand to do someone else a favour if needed. We’re all committed to the cause and have seen the business grow because of the work we’ve done here. Since I started at Embryo, I’ve been supported and encouraged to reach my potential and to keep growing and improving, having been given increased responsibility over my time here.

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