Alumni Profile – Alexander Wright

Alexander Wright

How did your degree/experience at uni help lead you into your current career? 

One of the key things about Kent Law School is the encouragement to think critically and from a variety of perspectives. Law wasn’t just about what was in the book. The staff at Kent Law School are excellent and I’m still in touch with some of them – even some that have retired. I have a very strong bond with Kent Law School as an institution, and with many of the people that have taught there. They taught me to never just accept what I’m told, but to challenge it and form my own view. I’m still challenging everything in my current role.

I was also involved in setting up Kent Student Law Society (KSLS), and running the mooting competitions. KSLS meant a lot to me, and gave me opportunities to get experience in budgeting, events, marketing, organisation, leadership and networking. Mooting taught me how to talk about a legal subject without blandly reciting case law like a machine. Mooting competitions also helped me get used to warm white wine – a common thing at networking events even now.

What drew you to Kent?

Kent stood out immediately when I went through the various prospectuses. I was drawn by the collegiate campus where everything was in one place on top of a hill surrounded by greenery. You could go there without having to leave the campus if you wanted to. I was moving from Ireland to go to university, so the campus was less intimidating than moving to a big city. And, it wasn’t that far to London or France. It was also really diverse, which was exciting for someone that grew up in Ireland.

Kent Law School is also first class. I wanted to challenge things when learning them, not just rote learn the law from a book or boring lecture. I wanted to get stuck in, and Kent promoted that.

What is your favourite thing about the work you do for Boyes Turner?

I’ve specialised in an area of law that most law students will never hear about. I manage significant sums of money for children with brain injuries as their Deputy under the Court of Protection. I work with very vulnerable people, and because I care I have picked up a skillset that means I can help improve their lives, recruit the care and therapy team they need, build the house that allows them to be independent, and invest their damages awards so they can live the best quality of life possible. To me, it’s the most rewarding work, and I didn’t know it was out there until I started a training contract.

From the very early stages of my time at Boyes Turner I have had the chance to change things like processes, procedures and even have an impact on strategy at the firm. You don’t get that opportunity at every law firm.


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