Innovation and Change in Non-Profit Organisations

Don Macdonald (1965-69) has edited a book about non-profit organisations, with chapters on homelessness,¬†campaigns (Windrush, Women Refugees),¬†community development, non-profit leadership and management, local mental health strategies and quality management. The contributors are all experienced and respected practitioners in their fields. They include Charles Fraser (former CEO of St Mungos for 20 years), Shaks Ghosh (CEO Clore Social Leadership), Tommy Hutchinson (i-genius), Patrick Vernon (Windrush Campaign), Sian Lockwood (CEO Community Catalysts), Sarah Brennan (Former CEO of Young Minds) and Marchu Girma (Women for Women Refugees). The book’s title is Innovation and Change in Non-Profit Organisations.

Don is a member of the First 500.

Don said: “Professor Colin Seymour Ure gave me support and advice in publishing my first book. I was never a particularly hard-working student as I was having such a great time doing other things. My girlfriend Kate (now my wife) was always amazed I even managed to get a 2.2 degree. By 2016, at the age of 70, I had only written a few articles so it was a big step to write 35,000 words and edit an 80,000 word book. Colin’s support was critical in getting me going.”

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