‘The History Sphere’ by Katy Chalk (Darwin, 1997)

Alumna Kathy Elkins has had a varied career; starting with nursing, moving on to NHS administration and then studying at Kent and finally achieving her Masters in 2003.

She has now become an author (pen name Katy Chalk) and written a children’s fantasy novel called ‘The History Sphere’.   As an alumna of the Classical Archaeology and comparative Literature Studies programme, Kathy believes that learning history should be fun.

Consequently, the story of ‘The History Sphere’ follows the malevolent theft of five discs of pivotal history from the titular ‘History Sphere’ by an evil warlock, intent on altering world history.  Only eleven-year-old Olivia and her dog Archie can stop him!

Kathy now lives in Maidstone, has two grown up children and three grandchildren, including Olivia, who is the heroine of the story.

The novel is available through Amazon and local distributors.