Meet Eliot Williamson – Kent’s Washington DC Chapter Chair

Where were you raised?   United States

What made you decide to study/work at Kent?  I found out about University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies through a friend that was half British and Belgian.

What would you like to see the group achieve in the next few years? The goal is to get more alumni out to events, connect with prospective students, and connect alumni back to the University of Kent.

How has your experience at Kent helped you since graduation?  I have been able to connect with clients and colleagues in the international space at high levels. My experience at Kent has been a tremendous help.

Would you recommend Kent to prospective students? Why?  I would definitely recommend Kent to a prospective student! The Brussels campus has much to offer and it is in one of the world’s most international cities. The advice I would give a new University of Kent student is to take advantage of everything Kent and Brussels have to offer.