The Footsteps Stories – Kasia Senyszyn (Keynes 2004)


Why did you choose to donate to a brick?

Some ex-colleagues and I unfortunately lost a dear friend, Isobel (Izzy) Noble, who worked at the Gulbenkian for 38 years. We wanted to commemorate her time at Kent and the amazing impact she had on everyone she worked with and met. My parents also sponsored a brick for me to celebrate the completion of my Masters at Kent in 2015. Having been on campus since starting my BA in 2004, as both staff and student, they really wanted me to have a lasting memento to mark the occasion. It was really lovely to be able to place my brick next to Izzy’s – I was really grateful that the team were able to do that.

Why did you choose your message?

For Izzy’s brick it was really hard to choose the text – there were so many great memories to choose from, like the time she pole-vaulted over the Box Office desk to save me from a drunken customer haha! We all agreed we needed to have something on there that reflected her humour and how much of a mum she was to us all. For my brick it was a bit more geeky – I’m a massive Shakespeare fan and both my BA and MA involved research on his work.

What is your favourite Kent memory?

Quite a few to choose from! I suppose my year abroad stands out as it afforded me all sorts of opportunities to travel, meet people from all over the world, and study and live in a completely new cultural environment. Being involved in the drama society (UKCD as it was then) was also a lot of fun and really started my love of the theatre which has since shaped both my career and personal life.