Meet Paul Cusimano – Kent’s Midwest Chapter Chair

Paul Cusimano: Keynes 1990, History (one year abroad, fall 1990-Spring 1991)

Where were you raised?  Barrington, Illinois, US of A

What made you decide to come to Kent?  Proximity to the rest of Europe; historical city of Canterbury; and they let me in!

What would you like to see the group achieve in the next few year? Expanding our outreach, including others who have an affinity to what the University represents as the the UK’s European University.

What was your first job? An umpire in Little League youth baseball. Great money for a 14 year old.

How has your experience at Kent helped you since graduation? Perspective is important. Meeting and being with so many different people with different backgrounds has helped me gain a new view of the world.

What advice would you give a new student at Kent?  Don’t eat too much chicken shawarma late at night. It will catch up to you.  Trust me.

What advice would you give to a new graduate embarking on a career? Network, network, network. Paths open and close because of relationships built over time, or just over a brief meeting.

What is your favourite memory of Kent?  Performing in the musical “Pajama Game” at the Marlowe Theatre as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations