Graduates Giving Back – the story of Keith Donkor

Keith Donkor (Keynes 2012) is a Mathematics and Accounting & Finance graduate.  Keith worked as a student caller on several Telephone Campaigns and has recently committed to a regular donation to the Kent Opportunity Fund.  We caught up with him to ask why he chose to donate back:


‘I was always going to give back to the Kent Opportunity Fund, given my experiences working on three telephone campaigns. The two main reasons behind my donation though.

‘Firstly, the cause itself is something I really believe in. I’ve been lucky enough to speak with PhD scholars who have been given the opportunity to carry out work they’re passionate about. It’s special because it gives these students an opportunity that wouldn’t have been available to them but for the KOF. It’s helps so many people so everybody should really help.

‘Secondly, being involved in the campaigns has had an indirect positive effect on me and my career. It has opened doors for me and allowing me to become a Business Development Manager for a recruitment company. I’m eternally grateful to the telephone campaigns.’

You can read a little more about Keith on his profile.