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Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) in India

Alumni Profile: Swapna Sundar (Brussels, 2002)

IP smart toolkit launch in Chennai
IP smart toolkit launch in Chennai in April 2016

Swapa Sundar studied at Brussels School of International Studies, graduating in 2003 with a Masters in international Law with International relations.

She is now the CEO of IP DOME, and in 2015 was awarded a grant by the UK Intellectual property office to write a toolkit and resource document for intellectual property-owning UK companies to operate profitably in India. UK companies have traditionally been reluctant to invest in India due to the stringent Intellectual Property Rights laws, and so the Toolkit, which launched in April 2016, is a potential game changer, removing barriers between British and Indian companies.

Swapna says: “This is an exciting time for Indian industry with the government launching new initiatives targeting specific sectors such as the start-up sector, manufacturing sector and infrastructure. These initiatives are bound to ease the process of entering into business of different types in India, and also to engage in technology-led collaborations. Entities from several countries are looking forward to the opportunities in India. My team and I hope that we will be able to be of service to industry and in the long run create value for ourselves and our clients.”

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