Employability Points award for Alumni Postgraduate Scholar

Rowena Bicknell, one of the two 2015 Alumni Postgraduate Scholars at the University of Kent, has won the ‘Highest Scoring Postgraduate Student’ award at the Employability Points Scheme rewards event on 31 May 2016.

Rowena’s research addresses how poor sleep and delirium affects the psychiatric and neurological well-being of elderly hospitalised patients.   She explains “The implication of the hospitalisation of elderly patients are a poorly understood area. I find this a particularly current topic due to the increasingly ageing population and therefore an important area to investigate.”

Alongside her studies, Rowena has been a keen participant in Kent life.  She has involved herself in co-curricular activities on and off campus, taking on positions such as Kent Union’ Postgraduate Research Faculty Representative for the school of Social Sciences; the President of the Scuba Diving society and the Communications Officer on the Societies Executive panel.

Outside of the University Rowena is a volunteer for the British Red Cross and teaches first aid to young people in local schools around Kent. As well as this, Rowena attends external seminars, workshops and open lectures to help enrich her PhD research and knowledge.

With the University’s Employability Points scheme, rewarding students for active engagement in extracurricular curricular activities on and off campus, it is a great way for students to make themselves stand out to perspective employers and to be recognised for their efforts.
The points are earnt on completion of activities and can then be
for the chance to apply for rewards; such as paid internships, training sessions, project placements, vouchers and more.

Rowena says “The scheme is really good, particularly for students who are looking for opportunities to gain experience in the job market as you can win a variety of prizes from internships to company tours. I was unable to apply for most of these due to PhD commitments, but I was successful instead in winning an experience day with the British Army. It’s an exclusive and unique behind the scenes tour of the Household Cavalry. I’m really looking forward to it!