Alumnus launches venture to support entrepreneurs from a double decker bus

Alumnus and technology entrepreneur George Johnston (Rutherford 2010) has recently launched a unique personal development programme for young entrepreneurs from a renovated double decker London bus.

IncuBus London, which was created by George and his business partner Rishi Chowdhury, aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs by supporting them and their start-up businesses; over a 12 week period, they teach them how to get into the world’s most prestigious accelerators, giving them a guaranteed interview and supporting them throughout the process.

Since leaving Kent, George, who lives in Kings Cross in London, has been immersed in the London technology scene. ‘To notice the gaps and opportunities available, you need to be fully committed’ he says. Having worked for Huddle and developed several mobile applications, George also hosts a regular meet-up called Flagons’ Den for London’s technology entrepreneurs, which has over 1,000 members. He currently runs Tech City Tours, which takes newcomers to the start-up scene on a whirlwind tour of the technology eco-system.

George was inspired to set up his own businesses whilst studying at Kent. ‘The University provided me with inspiration through the Kent Enterprise Hub’s Big Ideas competition. They sent me to America where I pitched to investors and entrepreneurs at the Global Business Competition. The Chancellor also awarded me the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012, and this gave me a taste for business which has evolved into a lifetime ambition.’

George has high aspirations for IncuBus London: ‘I want to have a bus in every city across the world. As we spread entrepreneurship globally, we can connect the buses, sharing resources, skills and collaboration. We plan to offer young entrepreneurs exchange opportunities with different technology clusters. When you’ve started your business, your one and only focus should be growth. Don’t let anything else distract you.’

His advice to anyone thinking of starting up their own business is to make sure that you do something that you are truly passionate about. ‘There will be many difficult and painful moments in your business journey’ says George, ‘This passion is the only thing that will get you through.’