Invitation to Statistics workshop

The University of Kent’s Q-Step Centre provides training in how numbers inform social research at all levels of statistical complexity within the Social Sciences, and aims to tackle head-on the perceived difficulty and irrelevance of statistics by hosting various programmes, activities and events.

With a focus on crime statistics, the Q-Step Centre is hosting a two-part workshop for anyone interested in improving their ability to understand the use and abuse of statistics and numbers in our everyday lives.

The first workshop will be held on Tuesday 16 September from 6pm to 8 pm and will include a presentation by Professor Alex Stevens, from the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, who will present examples of how research can be used and abused.

The two workshops will improve participants’ understanding of how to analyse and interpret what is often presented as hard statistical facts. They will also provide an opportunity to meet other people and help us in building a community for studying social statistics, open to anybody regardless of experience or contribution.

If you would like to book a place on the workshop, please contact Dr Trude Sundberg or Keli Jenner at

(Picture by Simon Cunningham. Licensed under CC BY)