Kent launches career networking platform

We all remember what it felt like – you approach the end of your university studies, and suddenly the world of work is looming and you have to make all kinds of life-changing decisions: what career path shall I take, what options are available to someone with a degree like mine, where should I live which will maximise opportunities in my chosen field, what can I expect from the path I have chosen and what will employers expect of me?

The greatest source of information for anyone on the career starting line is someone who has been there, done that and ‘got the t-shirt’. This has led the University’s Careers and Employability Service to launch the Kent Experiences of Work Network (KEW-NET), an online mentoring/networking platform which will enable Kent students and graduates to meet and offer career support to one another.

If you’re taking the first step onto the career ladder, KEW-NET can put you in touch with alumni who have been where you are now and support you during this important milestone in your life. Similarly, if you are an alumnus and have career advice which you can offer to new graduates based on your own personal experience, then KEW-NET will enable you to share this knowledge with others and offer them the re-assurance and support that is so invaluable to their future.

So why not sign up to KEW-NET and get connecting; it could be the best career move you ever make, and you really can make a difference.