Kent graduate co-translates Italian novel

A Kent graduate has co-translated the Italian novel Ti Ascolto (The Listener), by Frederica De Paolis.

Samuel Rizzardi, who obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in French and Italian from Kent in 2010, co-translated the book for Troubador Publishing, as part of the Troubador Storia series. The series aims to bring contemporary Italian fiction to an English-speaking audience, and many outstanding Italian novels are being made available in the English language for the very first time.

The Listener is the tale of travel writer DiegoTribeca who, confined to his home whilst awaiting medical treatment, begins to eavesdrop on the telephone conversations of the residents in his block, becoming obsessed with their lives and stories. Listening in to other people’s problems, he discovers things about his own life that will change him forever.

Upon graduating from Kent, Samuel spent a year teaching English as a Foreign Language in Italy. He is currently pursuing an MA in Translation at the University of Hull.