Book Monograph
  • Reading Lezama’s Paradiso (book monograph) Peter Lang, Oxford, UK (series: Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas) (June 2007), ISBN 978-3-03910-751-3 pdf flyer
Book Translations
  • The Sister, Paola Kaufmann (London: Alma Books Ltd. 2006) 250 pages, ISBN: 978-1846880063 Buy from Amazon
  • The Dialogue of the Dogs, Miguel de Cervantes (London: Hesperus Press, 2004. (Book translation, with critical introduction and annotation) 112 pages, ISBN: 978-1843910657 Buy from Amazon
  • ‘Dismantling Political Mythologies: Cabrera Infante’s Essays of Mea Cuba’, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, University of Glasgow, Latin American Studies in the UK, BSS, LXXXIV: 4-5 (2007) 497-515 (Read article)
  • ‘The Journey into the text: reading Rulfo in Carlos Reydadas’ 2002 film Japón’, Modern Language Review 2006 (MLR 101.4 October 2006) 1027-1036 Buy from Amazon
  • ‘Borges y Lezama: dos acercamientos a la epifanía y al arquetipo’, in Antes y Después del Quijote (cover), Asociación de Hispanistas de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda, (València: Biblioteca Valenciana, 2005), 713-723 Read Article
  • ‘Cabrera Infante and Parody: Tracking Hemingway in Tres Tristes Tigres’, Modern Language Review (MLR, 98.3, 2003) 620-633 Buy from Amazon
  • Interview with Paola Kaufmann, author of La Hermana, April 2006 (Alma Books)

Forthcoming Publications

  • Critical edition of Biografía de un Cimarrón, Manchester University Press, Hispanic Texts Series – proposed release, Dec 09
  • ‘La revolución como era imaginaria. Lezama y la política mito-poética’, Centre for Research on Cuba: Occasional Paper Series. In press (Read article)
  • ‘Un mito es una imagen participada’: Che Guevara in Lezama Lima’s La expresión americana‘, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Vol. 87, issue 2, 2010. Read article

Papers and Talks

Seminar Series invitations:
  • 11 February 2009 – Guantanamo Bay in Historical Perspective, School of History (University of Kent) Research Seminar Series
  • Dec 2007 – El activismo político de Pablo Neruda, Literatura Hispanoamericana del siglo XX, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
  • May 2008 – Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge
Conference invitations:
  • ‘Testimonial Narratives from the Barracoons, from Cimarrón to Guantánamo Detainees: the Legacy of Testimonio’. The Cuban Revolution 1959-2009, Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge, 13 February 2009
  • ‘Guevara in the Mythic Narrative’. Globalisation & Writing Conference, Bath Spa University, March 31 to April 2, 2007
  • ‘“Todo tendrá que ser reconstruido, invencionado de nuevo”: Chic Guevara and the Pragmatic Application of Lezama’s Poetic Myth Creation of La Expresión Americana’. Presented at conference: ‘The Will to Power’: Latin American Narratives of Foundation, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, May 2006
Other conference / seminar series:
  • ‘Cuba today’: Our history is still being written, Pathfinder Books presentation, University of Kent, Oct 2008.
  • ‘Testimonio and the Cuban Revolution’. Cultural Memory: Forgetting to Remember/ Remembering to Forget, KIASH/SECL, Keynes College – University of Kent, Sep 2008.
  • ‘La Revolución como era imaginaria. Lezama y la política mítica’. Cuba Research Forum 11th Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, Sep 2008.
  • ‘Lezama’s Expresión americana – a prophetic vision of Cuban history’. Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland, Sheffield, 25th-27th March 2008
  • ‘What is Guantánamo Bay?’ SECL Popular Lecture Series 2007-8, University of Kent, 3rd Oct 2007
  • ‘“Debo aclarar que eso no pertenece a la categoría del realismo mágico, ni nada por el estilo”: Reinaldo Arenas and the Revolutionary testimonial’. AHGBI, Aberdeen, 2-4 April 2007
  • ‘Robin Hood and his merry revolutionaries: Castro, Cuba and the revolutionary myth’. SECL Popular Lecture Series 2006-7, University of Kent, 17th Jan 2007
  • ‘Beret or barber’s basin? Abel Posse and the fictional diaries of Ernesto ‘Quijote’ Guevara’. AHGBI Conference, Liverpool, 2006
  • ‘The nature of the Archetype in the poetry of Borges and Lezama’. AHGBI Conference, Valencia, 2005
  • Re-written history: Cabrera Infante, Castro and the revolutionary myth’. Spanish and Latin American Seminar Series, University of Aberdeen, 2005
  • ‘The journey into the text: reading Rulfo in Carlos Reygadas’ 2003 feature film Japón’. AHGBI Conference, Queens’ College, Cambridge, 2004
  • ‘From Borges to Chris Morris – a refutation of realism, or why we cannot smoke Magritte’s pipe’. SML Research Seminar, University of Exeter, 2003
  • ‘The search for the Model Reader of Paradiso of Lezama Lima’. AHGBI Conference, Glasgow, 2003
  • ‘The symbolism of homosexuality within Paradiso of Lezama Lima’. SML Research Seminar, University of Exeter, 2002
  • ‘The subtle drama of politics in Cabrera Infante’s Tres Tristes Tigres. Conference ‘The Human and the Machine’, collaborated by the universities of Bristol and Exeter, Bristol, 2002
  • ‘Cabrera Infante and Parody: Tracking Hemingway in Tres Tristes Tigres’. Conference ‘Flaming Acolytes’, School of English, University of Exeter, 2001

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