Advance HE Assessment & feedback symposium 2020: Assessment and feedback in the pandemic era: A time for learning and inclusion.

Keynote Address - The Impact of COVID-19 on Assessment and Feedback Practice:  From the Emergency Phase to the Preparation Phase and Beyond.

The events of March 2020 changed Higher Education for us all. It was rapid, challenging and at times rather scary. The ways we were used to doing things suddenly had to be adapted, modified, and changed because of the situation that faced us. In this keynote Dr Pitt drew upon his recent research which explored the ways in which the sector responded to the COVID-19 move to largely online learning in HE. Dr Pitt discussed the implications this had for assessment and feedback practices and how educators negotiated logistical, quality assurance and practical challenges. The keynote also report on how the sector was currently responding to the challenge of planning for Autumn 2020 delivery. In particular Dr Pitt shared insights into the decision’s educators were making that related to assessment and feedback. Dr Pitt focused upon how educators were thinking in different ways about how they could help students to develop feedback literacy at a distance. Towards the end of the keynote Dr Pitt discussed more long-term considerations of what opportunities’ online assessment and feedback provide for both educators and students.