The Topographies Project

Critical Kent introduces ‘The Topographies Project’:  bringing together academics (from many disciplines), with artists (working within a broad range of media) and activists (involved across a range of key current issues) to explore and develop our collaborative potential through site specific engagements. Topographical exploration investigates symbolically charged landscapes – tracing, following and activating pathways between the ‘actual’ materiality of physical attributes, and the ‘virtual’ of the imaginary, those constructions in narrative and image which invest feature and place with significance.  This is vibrant spatiality, a fleshy diagramming, in which we seek and build potential for productive beginnings in a new landscaping of emergent architectures found in and crafted from the once familiar now rendered strange.

The first of ‘The Topographies Project’ annual events will focus on beaches, and will take place in Whitstable, Kent on 21-22 September 2015. For further details and contacts for registration please see ‘Beaches’.