The SPAB shares its 3D Laser Scan of St. Andrews Chapel with the students of the MSc Programme in Architectural Conservation

This year’s module ‘Intervention at Historic Buildings’ was delivered in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), and gave the students the opportunity to develop a conservation plan for St. Andrews Chapel in Maidstone. To help the students document the building, the SPAB generously provided access to its laser scanning survey of the building. Shown here, this model became the basis for this year’s student projects.

St. Andrews Chapel, Maidstone. Laser Scanning produces images of extreme accuracy and detail.

This survey technique produces models that provide considerable information about historic buildings and their condition.

This model constitutes an invaluable record of the buildings current condition and makes it possible to investigate the cause of its decay.

The south elevation of the Chapel present us with a ‘palimpsest’ of different phases. One of the students’ tasks was to retrace these phases and propose their own interpretations of the history of the building and its transformations through time.

View of the chapel’s late-19th-century extension.

Laser scanning models can form the basis for accurate depiction of historic buildings in plan. They also help to document the buildings’ interior.