Journal of Literary Semantics

Journal of Literary Semantics is a peer-reviewed journal of international scope.

The Journal of Literary Semantics (JLS), founded by Trevor Eaton in 1972 and edited by him for thirty years, has pioneered and encouraged research into the relations between linguistics and literature. It is widely read by theoretical and applied linguists, narratologists, poeticians, philosophers and psycholinguists. JLS publishes articles on all aspects of literary semantics. The ambit is inclusive rather than doctrinaire. The journal publishes articles of a philosophical or theoretical nature that attempt to advance our understanding of the structures, dynamics, and significations of literary texts. This includes articles that relate the study of literature to other disciplines such as psychology, neurophysiology, mathematics, and history, as well as articles dealing with the educational problems inherent in the study of literature.

The aim of the JLS is to concentrate the endeavors of theoretical linguistics upon those texts traditionally classed as ‘literary’, in the belief that such texts are a central, not a peripheral, concern of linguistics.

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