About Ray Laurence

Ray Laurence is Professor of Roman History and Archaeology at the University of Kent (the UK’s European University). His book Roman Pompeii: Space and Society (1994) provided the disciplines of Ancient History and Archaeology with a fully developed analysis of streets and public space. Over the last two decades, he has sought to develop the study of space in Roman Italy and has published extensively on the subject. Publications include a second edition of Roman Pompeii: Space and Society (2007); Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: Movement and Space (2011); The City in the Roman West (2011) and Written Space in the Latin West (2013). In addition to this, he has worked on the role of movement in the development of the Roman landscape exemplified by his book: The Roads of Roman Italy: Mobility and Cultural Change (1999). His work based in Archaeology, History and Classics is characterised by a cross-disciplinary aspect that causes it to be accessible to architects, landscape historians, geographers and urbanists. He is also the creator of Lucius a character, who appears in two TED.Ed animated films about ancient Rome. https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/Lucius-Romans/