Student trips: Rome, Athens, and the final frontier

Stuart Lidbetter (the guy with the purple t-shirt in the video below, the illustrious president of the student society ‘Kent Classics and Archaeology Society’ a.k.a. KCAS) reports on classics-inspired student trips: “In April 2015 the Kent Classics and Archaeology Society took 16 students to the ancient city of Rome. This was the society’s first trip in its current incarnation and everyone had a great time! The trip was so popular it inspired the society to go on three trips this year as they were clearly one of the most attractive aspects of the society. This, after much debate on where to go, lead to a return to Rome in January 2016, where Professor Ray Laurence accompanied us and took us round the city. Rome in turn will be followed by a trip to the city of Athens in March 2016, assisted by another Kent lecturer Dr Evangelos Kyriakidis. Finally we will be heading to the Rhine on the advice of Dr Patty Baker to explore the ruins of the old Roman frontier!”

You can also read more about the Rome 2016 trip here.