Apprentice Case Study: Centauri Therapeutics

Ed Rhodes is a Laboratory Scientist apprentice who recently told us about his experience

apprentice case study

While working in the Microbiology department of Centauri Therapeutics, Ed has been studying a level 5 apprenticeship in Applied Bioscience with the University of Kent.  The apprenticeship has required him to study a range of bioscience modules, as well as completing work-based learning.

Ed started working with the company in 2015, and he was been able to shift his programme to be more relevant to his job.  His favourite part of the apprenticeship is the work-based learning where he acquires new working techniques.

‘The studying is really good as well, I find being able to do it in my own time and link it back to work has benefited me really well.’

Centauri have given Ed one day off per week to study, and he finds that this works really well.  He feels comfortable asking for support from both his employer and the University.  He is surprised that he is able to achieve a degree in such a practical way – being able to link study to his work has made his academic performance soar.

‘I did OK in my A Levels but wanted to do something a bit more hands on, so it’s really worked well.’


We asked what advice he would give to others considering an apprenticeship.  Here is what he said:
‘Just go out there and look at the different things, find out about apprenticeships and apply for them. I wasn’t really sure about going away and spending lots of money, I just wanted to get into work and learn new things, so just get out and look.’


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