Degree Apprenticeships Explained

Introducing information resources to provide practical advice to potential apprentices and demystify degree apprenticeship opportunities

As a relatively new form of degree provision and one which is rapidly developing, understandably many people know little about degree apprenticeships beyond the name. However, there is a great deal of enthusiasm about the opportunities around studying for a degree whilst working at the same time.

To help those interested in apprenticeships including parents, teachers and school leavers, as well as people who are wishing to use the degree apprenticeship route to retrain or upskill, CHDA has produced a set of resources, including a video guide and a print booklet, which sets out to answer key questions about apprenticeships.


The creation of these resources was made possible by support from Hefce’s Degree Apprenticeship Development fund and the resources have already been widely distributed across Kent Schools.

To register your interested in apprenticeships or to request a print of PDF version of ‘Degree Apprenticeships Explained’ please contact