Promoting careers in architecture, town planning and quantity surveying

The University of Kent has been running a series of work experience days in the fields of architecture, town planning and quantity surveying, to support the launch of new degree apprenticeships in these areas.

The days are aimed at promoting these career paths to sixth form and college students across Kent and in particular highlighting degree-level opportunities within the construction industry. To achieve these goals the days are hands-on and employer-led.

Work experience days take place at employer premises to enable students to get a flavour for the industry and take part in real, hands-on activities. The type of activities organised by employers include planning and design workshops; using specialist software and equipment; as well as visiting live construction sites and completed builds.

A number of taster days, covering each of the industry areas, have already taken place. So far, feedback from schools has been overwhelmingly positive, with employers praised for the quality of activities carried out. In total, the University plans to run ten taster days, with over 100 pupils anticipated to take part from Schools across Kent.

The achievements of all involved will be celebrated at an event during National Apprenticeship Week in March 2018. Following the taster days, students will have access to information resources about how to find and apply for apprenticeship opportunities to support them should they choose to pursue this training route.

To find out more about hosting, or taking part in a taster day, please email