Getting started

This guide identifies the most useful resources for modern and world languages and keeps you up to date with library skills and news for your subject area.

Finding Resources

The best place to start searching for resources for your course is your online reading list and LibrarySearch. The following short video clips will introduce you to using your reading list and locating materials via LibrarySearch.

Online reading lists


You’ll be able to discover key books and journal articles from both of these. Digital items will be linked from here and may require your Kent Login to access, whilst physical items will generally be found in the Templeman B Block Floor 1. There is also a handy “find it on the shelf” note which tells you exactly where it is located in the building including row number of the shelf.

Recommend a book

We want to make sure that you have access to all the resources that you need.

If you:

  • Cannot find a reading list title on LibrarySearch
  • Think there are too few copies of a title in the library
  • want something specific for your own interest or studies

Then please email me or fill out a request 

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