Modelling BeeWalk data

The blog features our freely-available RShiny app for modelling citizen-science data on bumblebees. The app implements a Bayesian version of the model presented in Matechou, E., Freeman, S. N., & Comont, R. (2018). Caste-specific demography and phenology in bumblebees: modelling BeeWalk data. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics23(4), 427-445.  

The work is motivated by the BeeWalk, which is the only UK-based citizen science scheme specifically targeting bumblebees.

The app is free to download and use but please send us an email ( to let us know what you are up to, we love hearing about people using this tool.

The app includes a detailed help file that explains how to format the data and how to set up the analysis. This presentation gives a short introduction to the app and results.